SEABOB Bi-Color Anthracite and Green

SEABOB Bi-Color Anthracite and Green




The SEABOB delivers up to *13 mph on the surface and 12 mph under water. The regular charge time is 8hrs. It floats on the surface with 28 lbs positiv buoyoncy and can be taken under water to depth of 130ft. The regular cut off is at 8ft and can be adjusted as from 2ft-130ft. At the cut off the engine with turn off and the unit will float back to the surface. It can also be restriced with a PIN. 


The SEABOB contains two lithium ion batteries and comes with a standard 24 month warranty. 


*The speed and battery depends on the unit purchased.


F5 Speed:           9mph on the surface, 8 mph under water

F5S Speed:     12mph on the surface, 11 mph under water

F5SR Speed: 13 mph on the surface, 12 mph under water


F5 Battery life:       50 min at maximum power level 

F5S Battery life:     60 min at maximum power level

F5SR Battery life:   70 min at maximum power level



Included in the box of a SEABOB -

    • Std. charger
    • Cargo travel box for air cargo
    • adapter from EU to US



Color: Anthracite Green

    Additional accessories can be optionally purchased.


    Recommended accessories include a carrying case, alternatively a mounting bracket, a quick charger which will reduce the charge time from 8hrs to 90 min. a pilot belt to easily stear and operate the SEABOB for longer times in the water and or a cart for longer distances to transport the SEABOB due to its weight from 64lbs to 77lbs depending on the unit.